Pass It On

As class bird dog enthusiasts, conservationists, and parents, we promise to commit ourselves to the next generation of handlers and hunters each and every day. Follow our journey as we mentor our daughters and other young enthusiasts to share our passion. 


While parents often tell kids “do as I say not as I do,” youngsters usually want to emulate what they see people they look up to doing. We want to create opportunities that allow access to field trials from a young age. One of our favorite things to do is mentor a young enthusiast, because it is vital that we get kids excited about the sport. 


There are a variety of programs available to choose from when looking to train. Cornerstone Gundog Academy and Huntsmith Kids both have programs we’d highly recommend for a variety of training needs. A lot of local 4-H chapters have dog clubs that are a great place to start your pup or little person. Most important is that you find a training program you believe in and enroll in it. 


No dog and no person is the perfect hunter on their first try, which is why we think mentored hunts are so important. Mentored hunters are able to learn to treasure outdoor recreation in a safe environment. Hunters can learn to work with dogs in actual fields, to respect all of the resources we have available to us, and so much more. 


The benefits that class bird dogs offer is endless, but one of our favorite parts is the delicious meal that results from a successful hunt. Pheasant is even one of our daughter’s favorite dishes!