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More than just a store, at Blue Wing Kennel, we evaluate and publish written reviews of every product we offer, because we know our clients and we know they won’t settle for anything less than the finest and most dependable clothing and gear that the industry has to offer.



What makes our shop unique? We are a family-owned business, and our whole family gets in on the action when we head into the field. Katie knows firsthand the frustration of searching for “real” upland, waterfowl, and fishing apparel made for women and girls. That’s why you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our shop has everything that a whole family (men, women, and kids) needs in order to spend a day together with our treasured class bird dogs.


As breeders, trainers and trailers, our kennel puts dog supplies and equipment through the most rigorous tests imaginable. We offer in our shop only the products that we’ve come to rely on for our dogs, because why mess around with anything else?