Drumgoose Shoal ("Rob")

Rob typifies the British Labrador Retriever with impeccable line manners and handsome good looks. He has one of the winninest British lab pedigrees in North America, and he really came into his own when we began running hunt tests in 2018. His conformation is ideal with a broad head, tapering from the shoulders to the hips, and an otter-like tail. He weighs approximately 60lbs, and he has the athletic endurance to complete a 26-mile marathon with Katie. His coat is the fox-red variant of yellow. His marking ability is second to none, and he explodes off the line. Rob has an excellent nose and follows a naturally expanding pattern for finding downed birds. Rob is available at stud for natural breeding.

Microchip Number 966000100090230

CNM – clear | DM – clear | HNP – clear | PRAGR2 – clear | PRAPRCD – clear | RDOD1 – clear | SD2 - clear